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Exquisite Honduran cuisine with a stop at Monkeys & Sloths Hangout.

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Are you hungry? Join us for a one of a kind experience in Roatan. We’ll adventure into our flavorful cuisine, culture, and history, in 12 different tastings that are sure to make you want to come back to our Island. 

The tour will start in the heart of Roatan, Coxen Hole, where the first pirates arrived, where we’ll start with a local breakfast. Afterwards, we’ll take a tour around the small village where you’ll be able to submerge yourself into the daily way of life of the native islanders. Once we conclude this part of the tour, you’re in for a treat that you’re sure to be fascinated!

As the tour goes on, the guide will share with interesting facts about the island. During our next stop, you’ll be indulging in fish tacos with an exceptional scene.

Continuing with the tour, be prepared to eat your heart out! We’ll be making way to West End, where we will be leaving the vehicle and have time to roam the souvenir shops and the local bars. Take in a deep breath to appreciate the beauty of the scenery and enjoy some of our local rum made on the island of Roatan. 

To conclude this one of a kind experience, we’ll make our way to West Bay, where we can enjoy of the most beautiful beach in all of Central America, (even superior to Costa Rica’s and Mexico beaches). Here you will enjoy a Monkey Lala with views of turquoise waters and white sand.

You don’t need to bring a thing, besides your appetite! We’ll take care of the rest. 



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