Horseback Riding


Experience the adrenaline of this horseback riding tour in the tropical surroundings.


It’s time to forget about the motorized vehicles and explore the island of Roatan the traditional way- sitting on the horseback! Starting right from the West End and continuing through the Sandy Bay, this beach adventure shore excursion takes you through all the scenic spots in this idyllic getaway. Walk, trot, gallop or canter along the long stretch of secluded beach in Sandy Bay fringed with palms and pines overlooking the turquoise ocean, and feel the Caribbean breeze brush against your skin while you soak in vitamin D from the tropical sun.

What’s more, you may wonder? The answer: feel the adrenaline rush as you experience the thrill of horseback riding excursion in the heavenly tropical surroundings. The cowboy-feel as you trot along the beach admiring the picturesque view to the sound of waves crashing around you is an adventure that is a dream come true for many. And the icing on the cake is the breathtaking view of the gorgeous landscape of mangroves and gumba-limba trees that seem to crop right out of the ocean.

Moreover, the up-close view of the ironshore in the northern shore where you can see the world’s second-largest coral reef is a sight that you will not forget for years to come.

As you near Anthony’s Key, you may get a glimpse of dolphins that is guaranteed to be the highlight of the entire tour. Seeing these wonderful creatures flipping high up in the air and then back into the water will leave you speechless and wanting for more.

This excursion also includes  a spectacular view of myriad trees. From almond and cashew to banana and guava to coconut and papaya, the jungle trail is dotted with lush tropical foliage. As you trot along the narrow rugged path, keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife like lizards, indigenous iguanas, and birds such as parrots, frigate birds, and
pelicans. Exploring the stunning tropical atmosphere as you tromp along the lush luxuriant jungle is every nature lover’s fantasy-cum-reality.

The tour does not end here! The horseback riding also culminates a walk through a residential area adorned with hibiscus, Mandeville, bougainvillea and oleander. What makes the tour even more unforgettable is the calm and friendly horses that are well- trained to behave well and provide you with a memorable ride.


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