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Discover the second largest barrier reef.


Gear yourself to explore the impressive marine life thriving alongside the world’s second-largest barrier reef that’s teeming with the most vibrant and majestic coral reefs.

Located right off the coast of Honduras the island of Roatan offers the pristine spots that bless you with the best snorkeling experiences in the Caribbean that will turn others green with envy.

With full concierge service door-to-door, you won’t have to worry about reaching the unparalleled snorkeling destinations. What’s even better is the fact that you will enjoy an exhilarating speed boat ride under the watchful eye of a local snorkeling guide who is well-versed with the most amazing tropical snorkeling paradise.
The snorkeling boat tour from West End to West Bay Beach is one of the best ways to explore the tropical island tha’s a magnet to thousands of enthusiastic snorkelers.

While you are in the boat, look around and soak in the tropical Roatan vibe as you gaze at the beautiful stretch of reef complemented with its fascinating maze of deep water-carved canyons.

When you find the perfect snorkeling spot, all you have to do is don a mask and fins that are provided by Let’s Buggy Tours, dive into the fabulously clear water and snorkel among the stunning coral reef, shimmering schools of fish and incredible marine life that will dazzle your imagination. From parrot and starfish to iridescent damsels and
angelfish to grouper and sea turtle- among several other colorful exotics, float through the swarms of these wonderful creatures for an out-of-body experience.

Moreover, with near-perfect visibility along the shoreline, you can get an up-close view of the bleached ivory sand bottom punctuated by Elkhorn coral. An hour and a half duration of snorkeling and you will realize why avid snorkelers from across the world gravitate towards the aquatic adventures in Roatan. After relishing the eye-popping visuals of the incredible Caribbean marine life, you can sunbathe on the soft white sand on the inviting West Bay Beach.

Once the underwater expedition comes to an end, savor some tropical drinks like rum drinks and fruit punch or dig in a rotisserie roast chicken lunch with rice, pasta or cabbage salad while you tap your feet to the Caribbean music.



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